Premium Solid Wood Clocks

Add decorative style within your facility. Solid Wood Clocks are the perfect look for your Executive/Administration offices and conference rooms. Offered in rich looking Mahogany, Light Walnut,and complimented with Arabic or Roman dials.


  • Solid Hard wood Construction
  • Glass Lens
  • Elegant Appearance
  • Battery Operated (2 D-Cell
  • Automatically Adjusts for DST
  • Maintenance Free

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13" Mahogany 13" Walnut
16" (40.64cm) Light Walnut
Part # 420104 - Battery
16" (40.64cm) Mahogany
Part # 420103 - Battery
16" Mahogany 16" Walnut
13" (33.02cm) Light Walnut
Part # 410104 - Battery
13" (33.02cm) Mahogany            13" (33.02cm)
Part # 410103 - Battery                 Side View

Dial Options: Additional Custom Designs Available

Antique Arabic Classic Antique Arabic 12/60        Antique Arabic 12/60
Standard Arabic 12/60
Part No: SA60
Antique Arabic 12/60              Antique Roman 12/60
Part No: AA60                      Part No: AR60

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