KRONOsync® Wireless Time Synchronisation Transmitter

The future of Wireless Time Synchronisation is here, with the powerful KRONOsync® 467 MHz Transmitter. Small, light, and maintenance free,this simplistic "Plug and Play" system is the perfect solution for providing Accurate, Reliable,synchronised Time throughout buildings and facilities of various sizes and applications.


  • GPS/NTP Time Synchronisation
  • 467 MHz Frequency
  • 5 Watt Output
  • Non-Volatile Memory
  • Sleek, Stylish, Compact
  • 10 Selectable Channels (Pre-Programmed)
  • Time Zones (Pre-Programmed)
  • LCD Time/Date/Month/Year Display
  • Automatically Adjusts for DST and After Power Outages
  • Simplistic 2 Button Operation
  • Small Rear Mounted Antenna
  • AM/PM Indicator
  • Maintenance Free

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KRONOsync® Quick Start Guide

GPS Receiver Quick Start Guide

NTP Receiver Quick Start Guide

External Antenna Quick Start Guide

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Part Numbers:

Transmitter - Standard
Part # 101005
Part # 101005MB (Message Board)

Transmitter - High Power
Part # 101005X
Part # 101005MBX (Message Board)
(Includes External Antenna)

Part # 101006
(Provides additional coverage where enhanced signaling is needed.)

Includes: Transmitter, Antenna, GPS or NTP Receiver, AC Power Supply, 3 year warranty, Rack Mount Bracket (optional).
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