Clock Guards and Accessories

Below are the accessories that complement our wireless clocks.


  • Clock Guards
  • Hanger Brackets
  • Transmitter Shelf
  • Transmitter Rack Mount Bracket
  • Surge Protector

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Clock Guards

These sturdy, durable clock guards are the perfect solution for protection against theft or damage.Designed for use with both analogue & digital clocks and easy to install.

Analogue Wire Guard- 16" (40.64 cm) x 16" (40.64 cm) Part # 104001
Analogue Wire Guard - 19" (48.26cm) x 19" (48.26cm) Part # 104002
Digital Guard for 2.5"(6.35cm) 6 Digit Part # 104003
Digital Guard for 4" (10.16 cm) 4 Digit Part # 104004

Analogue Wire Guard 16" x 16"

Analogue Clock Hanger Bracket & Retrofit Bracket

Add security and protection to all wall mounted analogue clocks.

Hanger Bracket Part # 105007
Hanger Bracket - Retrofit Part # 105008  

Analogue Wire Guard 16" x 16"

Transmitter Shelf

This sturdy wall mounted metal shelf provides
added security and stability

Transmitter Shelf Part # 105001

Analogue Wire Guard 16" x 16"

Transmitter Rack Mount Bracket

Easy attachment to transmitter for convenient installation into most technology rack systems

Transmitter Bracket Part # 105003

Analogue Wire Guard 16" x 16"

Battery Back-Up/Surge Protector

Provides back-up power protection for the
KRONOsync® transmitter against electrical outages

Battery Backup/Surge Protector Part # 105006 

Analogue Wire Guard 16" x 16"

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